Butt sniffing Ranger

15 Jan, 2014   @dalollipop  

On one sunny afternoon, Qois decided to go hunting and shot 3 springbok, a game warden who hated hunters pulled Qois over and looked at the three bucks in the back of his bakkie and says, "do you have a license?"

"Yes, of course" replies Qois.

Then the man sticks his nose into the "butt" of the first buck and says, "sir this buck is from Soweto, I'll have to see your Sowetu hunting license".

Qois reaches into his cubby hole and produces a Sowetu license.

The ranger got angry and stuck his nose into the butt of the second buck, "this one is from the Free state" he declared.

"He won't have the necessary license," he muttered to himself.

But once again Qois reaches into his cubby hole and brings out the licence. The game warden is furious and sticks his nose up the third buck's butt and declares, "sir, this beast is from western cape."

He was sure he had got him this time, but Qois once again got the licence out of his cubby hole.

Now the ranger was annoyed and said "GOOD LORD SIR, WHERE ARE YOU FROM!!!"

Qois smiled, dropped his pants and said, "you're the expert, you tell me."

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