Two Girls' Conversation In A Bus

I was in a car travelling to Lagos. The girls in front of me were having a conversation about their first time experience in a plane...

The first girl said, "Kate, you won't believe were me and my boyfriend spent our holidays last month."

Kate answered, "Please tell me about it."

MARY: We boarded a plane to France. We were in the first class cabin, I was sitting close to the pilot, they were serving us many delicacies like cake, meat pie, red wine, palm wine, suya, roasted yam, etc. Later the plane became stuffy, I had to roll down the window. I saw everybody on the ground, I saw my house, I even saw that your fine brother.

KATE: That means you enjoyed a lot on the plane.

MARY: Very much!

KATE: My boyfriend and I travelled to Canada too. The journey was so enjoyable except when the plane had a flat tyre. We had to park and call a roadside mechanic to replace the flat tyre. Later, we were caught up in traffic. The pilot had to come out to control the traffic so we could have a free passage. Few hours later, the plane's fuel finished. One of the stewardesses had to take a Jerrycan to the petrol station to get some fuel...

And they went on and on. I just told the driver to drop me by the roadside before I suffocate from lies.
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