Blowing a Kiss

Two Friends were walking home and a lady was blowing a kiss to Kwame from the window of a storey building.

1ST FRIEND: Oh boy, it's like that woman is blowing a kiss to me!

2ND FRIEND: Brother, leave her oh, don't mind her.

The woman then signaled to Kwame to come...

1ST FRIEND: Oh boy, the girl is calling me oh.

2ND FRIEND: Bro, don't go oh!

1ST FRIEND: Why are you telling me not to go? Sweet Woman like that is calling me, and you are
saying I should not go?

2ND FRIEND: Bro, please don't go, don't go!!

The 1st friend ignored him and went over to the woman, she went to meet him and they both went upstairs. Suddenly, as they were about to have fun, they heard the sound of a car's honk.

WOMAN: (on opening the window) Ha! It's my husband oh!!

1ST FRIEND: Wow!!! I'm finished!

WOMAN: Don't worry, just pretend that you are the dry cleaner and iron these clothes (pointing at a load of clothes).

The 1st Friend spent the whole day ironing the clothes because the husband never left that day again.

The next day, the 1st friend came over to the 2nd friend's place.

1ST FRIEND: Oh boy! Do you know that it was clothes that I ironed throughout yesterday at that woman's place?

2ND FRIEND: Didn't I tell you not to go? All that clothes that you ironed, I was the one that washed them a day before yesterday.

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Nalix kenya's picture

Hahaha GOD bless you bro akpos i love your jokes hahaha

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