Frank Edoho

Frank called his girlfriend, Kristina on phone, but unfortunately, her father, an Army General picked the call:

GENERAL: Hello! May I know you?

FRANK: Sorry I want to speak with Kristina, sir.

GENERAL: I said who the fuck are you and why are you calling my daughter?

FRANK: (knowing he had to act fast) Okay Sir, I am Frank Edoho from WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. Kristina's friend is presently on hot seat and needs her help to answer a question for 2 Million naira. So the next voice you hear after is hers, the time starts now!

GENERAL: Ooh I'm very sorry! (calls his daughter) Kristine! Kristine!!! Take your phone, your friend needs your help..

FRANK: The question is, when are you coming tomorrow? A. Morning, B. Afternoon, C.Evening, D. Night.


FRANK: Is that your final answer?!

KRISTINA: Yes, it's my final answer!

Frank cuts the call.
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