Mathematics Love

Love Letter From A Mathematics Guy To A Science Girl...

Dear Love,

Right from the day I set my eyes on you, I knew there was an EQUATION between this QUADRATIC attraction. I couldn't tell you because I was afraid of the DIVISION that will DIVIDE my love for you. My heart couldn't forget the SIMULTANEOUS EQUATION between us. I tried to GRAPH out how to present my TRIGONOMETRY, but I wasn't sure of the PROBABILITY that you will accept.

Now, I have the PROGRESSIVE SERIES to tell you. Please, make sure this PERMUTATION and COMBINATION between us is secret because I don't want any BINARY OPERATION to interrupt.


The Science Girl reply;


Sincerely Maths boy, I don't have any CHEMICAL COMBINATION for you. All I have for you is the love of IDEAL LAW. I know you can see the difference between CHARLES and BOYLES LAW. My boyfriend is ROBERT HOOKE, who is described as the father of CELL, in which you cannot live without. You are not an ELEMENT in my PERIODIC TABLE and if you are there, you must be among the TRANSITION METALS because I don't usually notice them amongst my FIRST 20 ELEMENT. I already have an ELECTRONIC CONFIGURATION for my love which can neither be created nor destroyed as stated by The 1st LAW OF THERMODYNAMIC.

I'm sorry that your CHEMICAL EQUATION is not balanced. Stop making your heart bubble in love for me because HATING YOU IS CONSTANT AS O2 (OXYGEN)

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Isaac Nana Opoku Awuah's picture

Hahaha pure maths n sci love talk

mhiz Mide's picture


chi's picture

Dis kind of love eh

stoic Edwards 's picture

No be small tin

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