Prevention is better than...

A man went to church on Sunday and gave testimony that he was infected with ebola and God had healed him. When he had finished, he tried to give the mic to the 2nd man but the 2ND Man refused to take it:

2ND MAN: I have no testimony. Give it to Pastor.

PASTOR: I'm not in charge of testimonies so give it to the Senior Pastor.

SENIOR PASTOR: Brother in Christ, the mic is yours. It's a gift from the church. You may take it home.

Chukwu Nonso
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oluwamiga's picture

I can't stop laughing for 2min
God bless ur brain

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aluko's picture

LolllllloolllLll dix z pathetic cnt stop lavin

Rose mwendo.'s picture

Ahahaha.I can imagin.

benvedev's picture

Hahahaha can't stop laughing for an hour


Very funny oo

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