Strict Wife

A man got drunk and came home very late. He sat on the door step for thirty (30) minutes trying to figure out what to tell his harsh and super strict wife the reason for his lateness. He gained courage, opened the door and found his wife and his son watching a late Night movie.

He passed them and went upstairs, his heart pounding hard. To his surprise, his wife didn't say a word. Just to confirm, he decided to walk past them, and again back to the upstairs corridor. But his wife didn't say a word. He signal his son to come. And he asked him, "How come today your mother isn't speaking or even uttering a word?"

His son replied, "She asked me for lipstick and I gave her GLUE instead."
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jacque's picture

its like his wife used to ask him So much questions, anyway maybe she deserved it but sorry for her bambi......

Asasira Jordan's picture

t wz grt de son helpedout

De Original 's picture

wow.... her son did well

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