Who Is A Pharmacist?

One day, Akpos was in class when the teacher walked in. After teaching for sometime, the teacher decided to make the class an interactive one. Here's what ensued...

TEACHER: Who is a pharmacist?

Only Akpos raised up his hand.

TEACHER: Is it only Akpos who's in this class?

Still there was nobody else to answer the question except Akpos.

TEACHER: Ok Akpos, answer the question. But before you do, take this cane and beat everybody in the class with it.

Akpos, filled with happiness, did as his teacher said and beat all his classmates with the cane in his hands.

TEACHER: Now you can answer the question Akpors. Tell these dumb students
who a pharmacist is.

AKPOS: A pharmacist is a farmer who assist people.

The teacher fainted!
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