Why Are You Crying?

A bus driver was driving his 18-seater Hiace Toyota bus along Lagos-Ibadan expressway when he suddenly almost crashed into a huge ditch. The driver successfully managed to manoeuvre the bus around the ditch and continued his journey.

After a short distance, he silently started crying, the passenger close to him noticed and asked him, "What is wrong? Why are you crying?"

The driver didn't reply instead he kept on driving. Another passenger asked the driver, "Are you alright?"

The driver just kept driving without answering. He continued his cry and everyone in the bus became angry and insisted that he should tell them what's wrong.

Then the driver suddenly blurted out, "Do you really want to know why I'm crying?"

Everyone responded in unison, "YES!"

"Okay," he said. He lifted the steering, showed it to everyone and said, "This is the reason why I'm crying

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Na RIP be dat.

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